The Catholic University of America

About Us

Here at the CUA Mail Room, we are both a Contract Postal Unit (CPU) and a student mail and package office. You may be wondering what exactly a CPU is. Simply put, a CPU is a "mini-post office" which offers traditional postal products and services, only it is right here on campus. Our office offers stamps, Express Mail, Priority Mail and certified mail. In addition to the traditional postal products Ricoh offers UPS and FEDEX shipping options. The CPU and Student Package Room are dedicated to receiving and distributing student mail and packages. We are constantly working hard behind the scene to make sure that you can pick up your mail and your packages in a timely and efficient manner.

Postal Services

Campus Mail Delivery

Mail is delivered Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mail is not delivered on weekends, recognized university and federal holidays or vacation periods. Students receiving packages that do not fit in mailboxes or items requiring a signature (i.e., UPS, Federal Express, registered mail) will receive an e-mail notification in their CUA e-mail account. In addition, a notice will be placed in their student mailboxes. It is important for students to monitor and maintain their CUA e-mail account daily. Residential mail delivery begins at 10 a.m.

Student Package Services

Packages received at Cardinal Station can be claimed at Student Package Services on the ground floor of McMahon Hall by presenting Cardinal Card or valid identification. Students are invited to stop by Student Package Services to inquire about expected items.

Mail Delivery During University Vacation Periods

During university vacation periods in the academic year, first-class mail is not forwarded. Newspapers and magazines received during the Christmas and spring break periods will not be held at Cardinal Station for more than two working days from the resumption of classes, after which time they will be discarded. Should first-class mail placed in a student mailbox fill the box during the vacation period, further mail will not be delivered until the student empties the mailbox.

Updating Student Forwarding Address

All students are required to formally update their forwarding address(es) by logging on to the student administration portal at when checking out of the residence halls. It is important to update the forwarding address regardless if the information is the same. Cardinal Station will forward first-class mail for four weeks as a courtesy, but it is unable to forward mail for a longer period of time. Anything other than first-class mail will not be forwarded. Persons moving off campus for longer than four weeks should notify correspondents of their new address. Students experiencing problems regarding any mail services should contact Postal Services.

Third Party Services

There is a Federal Express drop box with limited supplies located on the ground floor adjacent to Cardinal Station. UPS has a drop box on campus located on the first floor of Leahy Hall.