The Catholic University of America

Student Mail Service Information

General Information:


All Mailboxes are on the ground floor of McMahon Hall, near the rear entrance of the building.

Delivery Schedule

Monday through Friday 10:00AM - 2:00PM. Mail delivery times may vary. Mail is not delivered on university holidays and Federal holidays not observed by CUA.

Broken Mailboxes

Broken mailboxes are to be reported to any Mailroom Clerk. Once Postal Services receives the information about your broken box, it will be fixed ASAP. Once the box is fixed you will be notified via email.

Mail that you received in your box but is not yours

If you receive mail that does not belong to you please do not open it. Please take misdirected pieces of mail to either service window in McMahon Hall and indicate to the clerk why you are returning the piece of mail. It will then be forwarded to the proper address. Please do not open letters or any piece of mail that is not addressed to you.

Mailbox combinations

If you forget your mailbox combination, login to Cardinal Station and navigate to MyHousing to verify that you have the mailbox number and combination.

How to Operate

The CUA mailboxes can be challenging to open, and most students need at least a little help in figuring out how to open them for the first time. For students' convenience, there is a .pdf file below that contains detailed instructions on how to open the two types of mailboxes.

How to open your mailbox



Student Package Services


McMahon Basement



What can I do if I can't get to Student Package Room by closing?

If you can't make it before closing time and have received a package notice, you may authorize a friend or roommate to pick up your item. Simply email "I authorize (First and Last name) to pick up my package" and sign your name. Have your friend or roommate bring a copy of the email and their Cardinal Card to the package room when they come to pick up the package.

How will I know when I have a package?

You will receive an automated email confirmation from the Student Package Room for each package you receive.

Contacting Student Package Services

Please call Ms. Delores Prim
Phone: 202-319-5225


Addressing Mail to Students


Student Name (No Nickname)
McMahon Hall PO#
Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20064

 Updating Student Forwarding Address

All students are required to formally update their forwarding address by logging on to cardinal station ( when checking out of the residence halls. It is important to update the forwarding address regardless if the information is the same. Cardinal Station will forward first-class mail for four weeks as a courtesy, but it is unable to forward mail for a longer period of time. Anything other than first-class mail will not be forwarded. Persons moving off campus for longer than four weeks should notify correspondents of their new address. Students experiencing problems regarding any mail services should contact Postal Services.


  • Trade or professional periodicals

  • Grant correspondence

  • Equipment advertising


Student Mail Tips

There is nothing more aggravating than to be expecting an item that seems to be taking too long through the mail. To avoid delayed or missing mail problems, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Always give senders your complete address. Missing PO# will delay your mail.

  2. Never have cash sent to you in the mail. If you must, have the sender use Registered Mail.

  3. Items that have value should be sent Registered Mail or some other method that has a tracking number.

  4. When time is of the essence, ask your senders to use the appropriate method of mailing. First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Parcel Post Mail services are not guaranteed methods of shipment. Use Express Mail, FedEx. UPS Air, etc., when time is of the essence.

  5. Should you experience a problem receiving your mail we recommend the following:

    1. Whenever possible, provide a tracking number (USPS Delivery Confirmation/Express Mail, UPS, DHL, Federal Express and Airborne shipments).

    2. Notify Student Package Services of the problem.

    3. Ask senders to file a form 1510 "Mail Loss/Rifling Report" with their local Post Office for US Mail. For other carriers ask for the tracking number.